InstaDLL’s Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is part of the shared agreement between us as an online entity and any user or visitor of InstaDLL. Read the text in full and understand how we operate and what data we require from you.

User agreement: InstaDLL users must know this

Once you access our site or use any of the Instagram downloader options we provide, you will automatically consent to what is presented on the page. Make sure you take your time to read our statements and understand the user agreement we require of you.

We made this text simple and straight to the point so it doesn’t take you too much time. If there’s any detail you did not find or have questions, you can write us a message through our Contact Us form. We will be available for a fast reply and give you any details you need in addition to what’s present on this page.

Data collection & data handling

We care about your privacy and your online safety regarding your identity, online trace, or device security. When you use InstaDLL’s Instagram downloader, we collect a minimal set of data about you and your activity. These details are stored privately, never shared and are needed to keep our project running properly.

How do we collect data from our users?

When you enter any InstaDLL page, we track what you are on our site so we can better understand what you need by analysing user behaviour. We do not keep for more than a few months. When entries get older, they are deleted. The only exceptions we make are when we need to comply with the current legislation, or we are running major site updates.

We vouch for secure data storage

The details we keep are stored in a private server and can only be accessed by certain team members of InstaDLL. We employ cutting-edge server security and can guarantee that your data is kept safely. Even the teammates who see the statistics will only see technical specifics, with your recognisable data redacted.

On InstaDLL, you are fully anonymous!

Your data is never shared, sold, or used inappropriately

InstaDLL takes your privacy seriously and only allows data storage and use to be done within our internal systems, working on our own servers. We will never share it or sell it to advertisers or any online or offline company or entity.

We reserve the right to make exceptional amends on a case by case basis, especially but not limited to legal compliance cases. It can also happen when we suspect that a user is breaking our own Terms and Conditions, Meta’s terms of service or if they are harming another person.

InstaDLL is not liable for any misdoing of its users and must comply with local legislation when it comes to user privacy.

How we handle cookies on InstaDLL & what that means to users

InstaDLL only works if we collect Cookies from your device and site visits. We follow a simple routine by using standard Cookies protocol: the packs will start tracking when you are active in your browser tab on InstaDLL, and it will stop when you close the tab.

Explaining cookie types & why we need each one

  • Essential cookies: small bits of info that are required so you can use the Instagram downloaders, bookmark the pages, share them or talk to us by using the Contact Us forms. Without essential cookies, you will not be able to complete any action on our site.

  • Persistent cookies: pattern collection of what actions you do most often when you visit or use InstaDLL. We need them so we can run tests and make functionality smooth.

  • Functionality cookies: your choices regarding site usage, like language or type of Instagram post download. We store those so we can understand user experience and improve it.

  • Performance cookies: stuff like your device type or what browser you used when you visited. We collect those so we can prevent any errors and maintain a consistent site quality and loading speed across the board.

  • Ads cookies: your ad preferences are collected so we can show you relevant advertising content. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you with annoying pop-ups or make the page laggy with hardly loading spots.

Personal and non-personal identification: what do we keep & why?

  1. Number of visits you make on InstaDLL - we use the metric to prevent any vulnerability to our servers and keep our Instagram service running

  2. Number and type of actions you complete on InstaDLL - we analyse these sets to understand what you need from us as a user and how we can deliver that to you with satisfying site speed

  3. Data you give us through the contact form - in order to reply to you, we need your contact info, but we will keep it private, and once the interaction expires, we will delete it from our internal database

  4. Your browser preference - this is used by users to compare how well InstaDLL does across browsers and create a uniform, excellent experience

  5. What device you use - we collect this for internal audits where we identify what devices perform the best and which performs the worst and fix whatever bugs we observe on them

  6. Your device’s operating system - for internal audits, we collect and compare the data so we can fix any issue that is caused by operating system compatibility

Why do you see ads on InstaDLL?

InstaDLL is completely free. We do make money from your Instagram downloads, so displaying ads is our way of funding the service we provide. We try to tweak the algorithm in such a way that you only see ads that are relevant to you.

What happens when this Privacy Policy page changes?

We will need to change the statements on this page from time to time, as the Internet and the regulations are constantly updating and upgrading. Since InstaDLL does not require sign up, these revisions will only be presented on this page, and your usage means your agreement.