How Can You Watch & Download Instagram Stories With InstaDLL?

We allow users to watch someone's Instagram stories post anonymously. We provide a web service that leaves no trace. We only require the link to someone's public page, and we'll provide all the stories from the last 24 hours and all their saved highlights.

The best part when using InstaDLL is that the user will not be notified in any way. We are not part of Meta platforms, and there's no way of tracing your activity on our website.

You will always remain private, even to us! We don't require you to sign up or download our tool. It's all web-based. We connect to Instagram's servers and fetch all the data available within seconds.

Through our Instagram downloader, you will see and save the Instagram content however you'd like!

Here's Why We Are the Best Instagram Story Downloader:

You will remain totally anonymous

The user will not be notified that you used InstaDLL. You won't appear in the viewer count of the public story. You move discreetly if you use this page.

You don't have to log in anywhere

We don't require you to be logged in to your IG account or InstaDLL, either. InstaDLL works without registration, which is different from other similar services.

You can download a story from someone

Once we fetch the pictures and videos and Create Mode stories, you will be able to save them to your device. You'll see a "download" button next to each individual post. For specifics, we recommend you try out our Instagram photo downloader and Instagram video downloader tools. 

We work seamlessly on any device

Our project is compatible with iOS phones and Android phones. But we also work on Windows, Macs and tablets of all kinds. 

No limit use, completely free!

Our IG viewer can be used as many times as you want at any time. We have no restrictions on how much you use our service, and we never ask for any money.

Restrictions can be removed

When public accounts restrict their story viewers, InstaDLL allows you to see or save stories and highlights. 

View Instagram stories today and have fun with InstaDLL. Any Instagram user can use our service free of charge. 

View Instagram Stories & Download Stories With Our Tutorial

  1. Open a tab with InstaDLL, to view Instagram stories without a trace.
  2. Enter the username of the public profile in our white search bar.
  3. Hit the button to the left of the search bar and wait a few seconds as the page loads.
  4. You can now watch the stories available. They will appear from the most recent to the oldest.
  5. You are able to zoom in or watch them in a different tab.
  6. Want to view a post more carefully? Use the arrows on the screen or on your keyboard.
  7. If you'd like, you may repeat the process by adding the name of the Instagram user you want to see next.

Only use our Instagram anonymous story viewer responsibly and be respectful of other people!

This is the easiest way to watch Instagram stories anonymously without having to log in to your main account.

Pros & Cons of Our Instagram Stories Viewer

Not sure whether or not to watch stories discreetly with InstaDLL? Let's weigh the pros & cons:


  • You will stay private & leave no trace. You don't need to create an account or login to Instagram.
  • You choose if you want just to see or save - we provide both options. You're able to download the content if you want to.
  • Our service is accessible and simple. We are absolutely free and so easy to use.


  • An Insta stories viewer may be used in the wrong ways - always use InstaDLL responsibly and ethically
  • Viewing stories for free is fun but may be violating someone's privacy, so use it with care
  • If you overdo it, you will increase your screen time and social media use

Watch Instagram Stories With Moderation!

We encourage you to use our service with care and be respectful of other people! Do not engage in actions that are against Meta's terms of use and common sense. Don't violate someone's privacy and copyrighted materials, whether you are using our story, pictures, or Instagram Reel downloader. Balance is key!

Instagram Story Download on iOS Devices

  1. Copy the Instagram profile URL from the user, from the main app or the browser interface.
  2. Paste it here, in our white box.
  3. Click the download button and wait a few seconds.
  4. Once the page is done loading, you can see all the posts and save which one you want.

Download Stories From Instagram on Android Phones

  1. Copy the profile URL to your clipboard.
  2. Paste it in the white box on our site.
  3. Tap the Download button, and the page should render your posts.
  4. Now watch and save all story posts and highlight posts from that user.

Download Stories and Highlights on Your Computer

  1. Go to web version of the IG app.
  2. Locate the profile you want to see the stories from.
  3. Copy the profile link.
  4. Switch to this tab and paste the link in the box on this page.
  5. Click "Download".
  6. You can now see and save any post.

You are able to do this on Mac and Windows computers alike.

Is the User Notified If You Watch Instagram Stories Without An Account?

No, the user is not notified when you watch or save their posts through InstaDLL. There is no direct connection between their profile notifications and your activity here. 

Here's how it works:

  • Instagram does not notify users of story views or screenshots even in the main app, let alone third-party services like ours.
  • There's no direct connection between this page and the IG interface.
  • Your activity here will remain anonymous to everyone. We won't track your history.
  • Your identity will be hidden the entire time. Unless you notify the person directly, there's no way of them knowing.


What formats does InstaDLL offer for downloading?

For picture posts, you can choose between JPG and PNG. For videos, we will transfer them in MP4 automatically to ensure the best quality. 

How many times can I view Instagram stories anonymously?

You can do it as many times as you want. We impose no limit on what you can do on our site.

Do you need my Instagram account?

No. We don't need any data of yours. You just need the right link from the public Instagram profile so we can create downloadable content for you.

Does the user know I saw their story?

No, they have no way of knowing. We won't notify them, and Instagram won't either. This is fully anonymous.