About Us - Get to Know InstaDLL’s Product & Perks

InstaDLL was born out of the need to build innovative solutions for downloading Instagram content without completing a frustrating, hassling process.

With cutting-edge processing capacities, we present to you a free, intuitive tool to regain control of your content. Your time is saved, and at no cost, you can use your resources to build better engagement by cross-posting.

We provide easy Instagram solutions

Content creators and Instagram users will be able to use InstaDLL at any time and finish their downloads way faster than before. Here’s a rundown of what we provide:

Free services with no exceptions in the small print

InstaDLL is and always will be free. We will not ask you for payments, donations or any financial compensation. There’s nothing more budget-friendly than something completely free, right?

No limits on your downloads, ever!

You can download as many Instagram posts of any kind as often as you want. We will not control what you want to do by imposing arbitrary limits. So, bookmark us on your browser and start sharing!

Simple & fast: two keys for your satisfaction

We made our site with a simple theme on purpose so you can use desktops or phones of different generations with no headache. Under our image, you will find a downloader that takes less than 1 minute on average, even for larger files.

We’re compatible with any device, yes, even yours 😉

Phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs are welcome and work the same. We work solely via your preferred browser with no differences between Chrome, Edge or Mozilla. If you experience any difficulties with our site, please contact us!

Start creating your content portfolio!

Save the photos, videos, stories, and edits you’ve built over the years. Once you’ve downloaded them to your device, you can share them privately or repost them on other platforms. InstaDLL can help you grow your platform!

InstaDLL is an independent service

We are an independent web service for downloading Instagram content with no link to Instagram or Meta, its parent company. We have no relationship with them, financial or of any other nature.

We provide a solution to a need that is not currently fulfilled by Instagram’s app, web version or APK. We want to improve the experience that you have when navigating Instagram daily, and we help you recover your content if you’ve been locked out of your account.

Check out our Terms and Conditions for more details!

Our care for users is our driving force

We want to make it easy for you. And we make improvements to our site constantly for you to achieve your goals. If you use InstaDLL, you can:

Code of conduct based on mutual respect

InstaDLL is meant for you to save your OWN content. Saving other users’ content without their consent is wrong and openly against our policies as well as Instagram’s.

We do not condone any user harassment or any immoral use of InstaDLL’s site capacities. Be respectful of other users and make social media communities better. We are not responsible for any wrongdoings on your side, and we reserve the right to block your access if so needed in order to protect other users.