What are Instagram Video Downloaders?

Instagram video downloaders are online tools you can use to save any video from Instagram to your phone or laptop. All you need to do is copy and then paste the video post link into the white bar and press the "Download" button. You don't have to be logged in to your IG account to use InstaDLL's IG downloader

Our Instagram video downloader for Instagram connects to IG's host servers and saves the clip to your device quickly. All the content you save will be HD and won't have any watermarks. 

This means you will save any video content you want & keep your favorite posts in your gallery or Cloud!

What are InstaDLL's perks?

  • You will stay anonymous when you save Instagram videos.
  • You don't have to be signed up on our site.
  • You don't even have to be signed up on Instagram!
  • You don't have to pay a dime. Our service is completely free!
  •  Create an archive of Instagram video content and watch it offline.
  • Video downloads are not the end: check out our Instagram Reel downloader for your favourite shortform content and our IG Story downloader for content meant to expire in one day.

Other Benefits of InstaDLL's Instagram Video Downloader

  1. By saving the video content from Instagram to your device storage, you'll watch it & share it anywhere.
  2. If you've lost your password or have been locked out of your profile, you will recover your memories, art, memes, or any post you've made that is important to you.
  3. We won't add any kind of watermark to the posts you download, meaning you repost them immediately without having to edit them.
  4. We give you the file in high video quality, even better than how you'd see it online, a feature which works great on desktop screens.
  5. You create stitches, compilations or any kind of edit you want using the files you've downloaded from InstaDLL. This can boost your social engagement.
  6. Since you'll own the content once you've downloaded you can share it across other platforms or save them in your Cloud.
  7. Share fun posts with your friends and family!
  8. You will build up a library of content that you fully own.

We allow you to download any IG post as long as you have the original link. Save any video to your device today! :) 

Our Instagram video downloader saves you time!

We've created a platform that works fast and delivers HQ content. Here are a few ways you save time while downloading:

  • Open multiple tabs on InstaDLL, paste the links and save videos in bulk. Our site will load just as fast when you download multiple posts.
  • Use this page from your browser. You don't need to download an app or a plugin.
  • InstaDLL works much faster than a screen record and keeps the original post's quality.
  • We automatically convert files into the perfect size. You don't need to resize or edit them at all.
  • The files downloaded have a name that's easy to recognize, so you find them easily in your downloads.
  • Once you've saved the MP4s, share them immediately.
  • Or you can repost them to another social media account instantly.
  • Our page is kept simple and has intuitive buttons because we care about your user experience on InstaDLL.
  • Start saving videos right away without logging in.
  • Save as much as you want. We have no download limit!

InstaDLL is faster & easier than any other similar web service. Make the smart choice and bookmark this page!

Tutorial: How to Download Instagram Videos (Save Videos For Free)

Save Insta video posts in just 6 steps:

  1. Find the video on Instagram that you want to save on your phone/computer.
  2. Open this page in your browser.
  3. Copy the Instagram video link to your clipboard.
  4. Paste the URL in the white box and press the download button.
  5. Wait a second as the page loads & prepares your download.
  6. Your MP4 is now saved to your computer or mobile device.

InstaDLL automatically stores the files in your default "Downloads folder". Repeat this process as many times as you want.

Having trouble finding the IG link?

Here's what you need to do:

  • Open the browser version of Instagram & go to the post you want to save.
  • On the right side of the post, press on the three dots & your link is copied automatically
  • Alternatively, long press on the post - that instantly copies your link
  • If you are using the app version and you're logged in, you have to press the "Share" button from the menu to copy the URL

There is a third way to complete this step: use the page's source code to copy the link. We don't recommend this, though, it's much more complicated than the options we've presented and takes more time.

Save Videos From Instagram to Your iPhone or Android 

  • Find the video you want to download on Instagram.
  • Copy the post URL from the "Share" button or from the 3-dots menu.
  • Open InstaDLL in your phone's browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  • Paste & download the copied URL.
  • The video is now saved to your phone - you'll find it in your Downloads folder.

If the download process does not work, check if you allowed browser downloads from your device settings. If the process takes more than a couple of seconds, check your Internet connection and how much internal storage space you have. A bad Internet connection or a full device can slow down your Instagram downloader experience significantly.

If you liked how smoothly that went, download your selfies using our Instagram photo downloader!


Is it legal to use an Instagram video downloader?

Yes, it is legal to use our service. We encourage you to save your own content or videos posted publicly. Respect the copyright of IG creators & IG's terms of service.

What file format will you download?

All videos you save are automatically downloaded in an MP4 format. We do this by default to keep the videos in high quality.

Is there a limit to the Instagram content you download?

No! Save as many files as you'd like. We even allow bulk downloads so you can save time and do whatever you'd like with your content.

How to save a video from Instagram on Android?

Find the Instagram video you want to download, copy the link, and paste it on this page. Your file will be saved in just a few seconds.

How to download and save videos on iOS?

Save the post URL, paste the Instagram link in the input box and click the download button. The file will be saved to your iPhone/Mac immediately.