What is InstaDLL Instagram photo downloader?

This downloader is a tool to save pics posted on Instagram without having to screenshot and resize them. We will download the photo you want on your phone or computer. The only thing you have to do is copy the Instagram picture link, paste it into our white bar and download the Instagram photo instantly.

Our website connects to Meta's servers and renders the file in high quality in your device storage. InstaDLL can save any file from a public Instagram account or a private account (if you have the link ready). Our Instagram photo downloader will let you save any photo and use it even if you're offline.

Download images with our Instagram downloader. No account needed, no app or plug-in, and no limits. Start creating your Instagram photo downloads archive today! :) 

Best Features of our IG Photo Downloader

  1. We won't add any annoying watermark - your downloaded Instagram content won't have a transparent mark of our website/brand. We keep them clean.
  2. Files come in the original quality - other free Instagram downloaders make them blurry and unusable, but we keep the best quality.
  3. You choose the format - we give you a choice between saving them as PNGs or JPGs.
  4. Multiple downloads are allowed - save pic posts in bulk with no limit imposed on your daily use 
  5. Fast downloads at all times - we process your request in less than 10 seconds, so you don't waste your time
  6. We keep it simple - our pages are easy to use, have a minimal design and have user-friendly buttons
  7. We accommodate all devices - InstaDLL works on PCs, laptops, phones and tablets
  8. You will remain totally anonymous - we won't ask you to log in or give us any detail about yourself, and we won't keep your download history either
  9. InstaDLL is totally safe - we are a legal service that follows the legal jurisdiction and respects Meta's terms of use. We also use the latest site encryption so you can browse and save photos safely.

Download Instagram Photos In Less Than 1 Minute

First off, find the Instagram post with the picture you want to save on your device. If you do this in the main app or the browser version, the InstaDLL downloader for Instagram will work just the same. From the post, copy the URL from the 3 dots menu or the page URL box. 

You then move to our page and paste the Instagram link into our white input box. Make sure you saved the correct URL before continuing. Hit the download button on the right, and wait a bit as the post is loading. Your chosen Instagram image will be ready in a few seconds. 

You will be redirected to a screen where you choose what format you want to save, JPG or PNG. Pick one and press the download button. Your browser will load, and the file is now saved to your Downloads folder. Move it to the device gallery or repost it. The choice is yours!

Speedy downloads for any kind of post:

It takes just a few moments for InstaDLL to save larger files too! Simply use our Instagram Reel downloader or our Instagram Story downloader for a larger series of stories.

Save a Photo from Instagram to Your Phone

Here are 2 quick tutorials to use when saving on mobile phones. Follow the steps, and you'll be done in no time!

Save images from Instagram on iOS 

  • Open the Instagram app or the browser.
  • Copy the photo link from the app or the Safari browser version.
  • Go to our InstaDLL page and paste the link into the white box.
  • Check the URL in the box and press the download text on the right side.
  • Tap Download again after you choose one of the two default options.
  • For iOS, you'll see the pictures in your Files App. You can move them to your Photos, to your Cloud or share them via Airdrop.

Instagram image downloader on Android

  • Have the photo post URL copied to your clipboard (from the app or the IG browser version).
  • Come to this page and paste the Instagram photo link in the white box.
  • Tap "Download" and wait a moment while the file options are ready.
  • Choose between PNG and JPG the tap the button again.
  • We send the files to your storage in the default "Downloads" folder. 

Download Photos from IG on Your PC

We allow you to download pics on your computer or laptop. See below what you have to do, based on what type of computer you have: 

If you're on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Have two tabs open in your browser: InstaDLL and Instagram.
  • Go to the post you wish to save on IG and copy the link.
  • Go to the InstaDLL tab and paste the URL in the upper-side box.
  • Hit the button and choose your preferred file format.
  • You now have the files on your Windows desktop completely free.

If you're on Mac, follow these steps:

  • Find the photo you want to download on IG.
  • Copy the link and paste it on this page.
  • Click "Download" and let the page load.
  • Choose between the 2 file formats we offer you.
  • Our picture downloader will send the files to your Mac device's "Downloads" library.

Ready to try something else? Save your precious video moments you've created from photo highlights by using InstaDLL's Instagram video downloader!


What file formats are accepted on InstaDLL?

We allow both JPG and PNG. We recommend JPG for the perfect file size and PNG for larger files you can use for making further edits.

Does InstaDLL have a limit on how many pics you can save?

No. You can use our Instagram photo downloader as many times as you want every day. We encourage you to follow Meta's terms of use and save your content only.

Where are the saved files on your device?

You will find it in your "Downloads" folder on Mac laptops, Windows computers and Android phones. Our Instagram picture downloader saves the JPGs/PNGs in the iOS Files folder on iPhones.

Is InstaDLL free?

Yes, our site is completely free. You can save Instagram photos without any cost as many times as you want.